Therapeutic Modalities

Carl Jung once said, “the shoe that fits one, pinches another.” As such, Stuart employs a breath of therapeutic modalities to meet individuals where they are at in their therapeutic process. Because Stuart has extensive training in various modalities, he works intuitively, utilizing a blend of insight, theory, and practice. Hover over the terms below to learn more.

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Gestalt & Experiential Therapies
Rites of Passage Work
In traditional cultures, rites of passages are witnessed and celebrated events that clearly mark a transition in one’s developmental life.  During such events, the community places intention on the individual’s journey beyond a threshold through rituals handed down over time.  With community support, the individual leaves behind the known, experiences challenges and obstacles ultimately to return to the community with a new set of skills to benefit everyone.  At Boulder Family Therapy, we intertwine our rites of passage work with ancient roots to offer profound, life-changing experiences that guide, heal, and open one to positive growth – all in a ‘community’ relationship.  To learn more, please contact us.

Wilderness Therapy

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